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NEWBIE QUESTION: How best to use Simon to monitor potential malicious attacks?

I'm just starting to use Simon to monitor about 20 websites I run and would like to focus on security. What checks would be the best ones to use?

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Re: NEWBIE QUESTION: How best to use Simon to monitor...


If the sites show static content, you could just use the Web (HTTP) service and enable Smart Change Detection to notify you if anything changes on the page (and add desired notifiers).

If the content is dynamic (as is more likely), you can use Smart Change Detection to filter the HTML to just a critical area that shouldn't change, so you're notified if it does.

Another technique that could be useful is to specify just the Start text for something that is required, and leave the End text blank to include to the end of the source, or specify some End text. Then If either of those blocks is missing, it'll be a failure.

Hope this helps.