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Hi guys,

what could it be that I try to add a new notifier, and I can change the notifier kind to anything BUT sms. When I select SMS, it just crashes, Application not responding. Reinstalling doesn't help. I tried deleting the files in ~Library/ApplicationSupport, does Simon save preferences also at another place? What could cause this crash?


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Re: SMS Notifier


Weird! I haven't heard of a crash with the SMS notifier before.

Is it actually crashing (Simon unexpectedly quits), or freezing (Simon becomes unresponsive)? If the former, please send me a crash log. If the latter, please send a sample.

A "sample" when Simon is unresponsive might help indicate the cause. Please do the following:

1. Open Activity Monitor;
2. Click on Simon;
3. Click Sample Process;
4. Click Save... and save to a file;
5. Send me the file.

Another useful thing is to look for errors in the console log:

1. Launch Console (in /Applications/Utilities);
2. Type "simon" in the Filter toolbar field;
3. Copy all remaining lines and paste in a reply.

Re preferences, yes, Simon stores prefs in the ~/Library/Preferences folder. Look for the file com.dejal.simon2.plist.