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4D Server Test

I'm replacing WhistleBlower with Simon and trying to replicate as many of our existing tests as possible. I need to determine if a 4D Server (database server) is running and responding. WhistleBlower had a built-in test for doing this.

I suspect that I can call a shell script that will do this but don't know the specifics for doing such a test. Our WB was running on an old OS 9 box and I wasn't able to debug the network communication to try and extract the details.

Has anyone here tackled this?


Someone on a 4D forum pointed out that I can test for a response via telnet from the command line. Are there any examples for creating scripts? I need to wrap the telnet session in a script and capture the response.

$ telnet
telnet> open 19813
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
H OMSv5.4DC^] <== I had to type control-]
telnet> quit
Connection closed.

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Re: 4D Server Test

[Sorry for the delay in replying; I'm on vacation in Washington, DC this week.]

The best way to do telnet-style tests is via a Port-based test. Simply create a new service, select Port as the type, and use Capture Session to record the received and sent text.

Re: 4D Server Test


Thanks for the response. The recommended Port-based test will tell if "4D Server" is up. I'm using a "Port Available" test pointed to the server's IP address and the 4D Server port (in my case 19813).