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Simon 2.5.5 locked up (not responsive) in OS X 10.6

Simon 2.5.5 (2051) had been running for probably a few weeks and for the first time I can remember it happening, it showed up as "non-responsive" in the OS X dock. I recently updated to OS X 10.6.2 a few weeks ago, so it is possible that the two could be related, and it might have just been a fluke, but thought I'd pass it on. Will let you know if I can reproduce, but when I killed the app from the dock, it didn't come up with a crash report, and it restarted fine, so I don't have anymore info to provide.

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Re: Simon 2.5.5 locked up (not responsive) in OS X 10.6

Thanks for the info. I'm not aware of any incompatibility with Snow Leopard, though occasionally Simon can become unresponsive if it uses up all the available resources. Have a look in the Console log to see if any errors were logged at that time.

You can reduce the chance of that happening by ensuring the tests are adequately spaced out, so there aren't lots running at the same time. I have some ideas to eliminate this risk in a future version.