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SMTP Notifier multi-transport awkwardness

The SMTP notifier is pretty awkward when you try to take into account that multiple SMTP servers might be needed if you're monitoring an SMTP server and have to send the notifier out via another SMTP server.

I'd love to see the SMTP notifier enhanced to include a "Try In Order" Transport choice (in addition to the "Automatic" choice, which isn't what you'd think it is). This "Try In Order" choice would try each listed Transport in succession until one succeeds.

Using that, I wouldn't have to create multiple identical notifiers (which makes things messy to create and maintain) just to handle the situation where one or the other SMTP server might be down and unavailable.


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Re: SMTP Notifier multi-transport awkwardness

That is a good idea. Of course, then it'd need a way to change the order, too. I'll make a note of this idea for consideration in a future release.