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Grouping Items

Is it possible to create groups in Simon? Specifically, I would like to group devices in the html summary. For example, I want to group my routers together, dns together, or certain locations together. It would also be nice if devices UP were green, whereas items DOWN were red.


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Re: Grouping Items

Grouping isn't possible at present, but is definitely coming in a future release (after 2.6).

In the meantime, you can simulate groups by using a name prefix, and sorting by name.

Regarding status colors, you can achieve that now bu switching to simple statuses in the General Preferences.

By default, the status icons are time-sensitive: bright green when a change occurs, slowly fading to gray; bright red when a failure occurs, then orange when recovered, again slowly fading to gray. But you can use simple green is good, red is bad icons via the prefs.