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Does any of the Dejal applications monitor my Dynamic IP Address and notify me of changes?

Please excuse the newbie question but I just download and installed Simon (very nice app by the way) and I was hopping that it would monitor my Dynamic IP Address for changes and inform me it does and what my new IP address is. Does Simon do this? If so I haven't found it yet. If not, does anyone know if any of the other Dejal applications do this?

I am using Google Analytics and I need to filter out any hits to my webpage from my own computers on my modem. But since I have a dynamic IP address it's going to make it difficult to stay on top of it to ensure accurate reports.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Does any of the Dejal applications monitor my Dynamic IP ...

Firstly, sorry for the delay in replying. As mentioned in the site-wide alert this week, I've been on vacation without internet access.

There are a couple of ways you could do this. If your machine is directly connected to the internet, you could use a Script-based service that uses the command:

ifconfig -a

Then use Smart Change Detection to notify you of any changes, perhaps filtering to a portion of the output.

If you're behind a NAT router (e.g. AirPort base station), you could use a Web-based test that checks — that URL will output just your IP address, so you don't need to use Smart Change Detection. This is probably the best option.