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background color bug

Main issue is under detailed report page the "Status: Testing Now" will display a green background even after a red background which indicates failure on the "Summary Report Page".

Is this a bug? The problem seems to be that when a device status is "testing now" the summary report page will display green regardless of the device experiencing failure. I believe that a device that failed should retain a red background until a device recovers even during status of testing now. This can cause confusion when looking at the Summary Report Page since a device will show a green background instead of the proper red background during failure.

Background information on Simon settings/usage-
Settings for Simon general: "use simple status icons, that just indicate success of failure".

On "Summary Report Page" Red background for failures and green background for status:recovered / changes. (edited html to reflect such color scheme)

Please let me know if there is a fix for this. Thanks in advance!

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Re: background color bug

I agree, it should continue to use red while checking, until actually successful.

Simon gets around this by having two status values internally: the current status, which may include checking or paused, and the last status, which is what it was when not checking. So perhaps I either need to expose that for the report, or use its value there.

I've made a note, and will look into this further when I next work on Simon.

Thanks for the feedback!