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Free Disk Space Alert


I would like to set an alert to fire when a disk space threshold is breached. Ideally stated in kb/Mb/Gb or as a percentage.

This would seem like a fairly common request, but I have searched and can't find it within Simon. Have also searched this forum and can't see this having previously been requested.

Any help appreciated (sorry if I am missing something obvious)


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Re: Free Disk Space Alert

You could use the df -hl unix command to get the statistics on the local disk volumes.

It includes a capacity percentage, though extracting and interpreting it might be a little tricky.

In version 2.6, coming soon, you'll be able to more easily filter the output to extract the capacity percentage and get notified if it changes relative to a specified value.

Re: Free Disk Space Alert

Thanks for the response.

I think I'll wait for 2.6.