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SMS messages and Search Function on Forums

I'm just buying 3.0 today. but I am curious if the sms alerts problem has been worked out in 3.0. that would be very handy. I wanted to search forums but i found no search function.

surely I have overlooked it? I want to avoid unnecessary posts, and searching the forums made the most sense first. But no search was there... that I can see at least..

If this software really works, I'm definitely going for the enterprise license, but I like to read and I like to search...

where is this most important function hiding please?


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Re: SMS messages and Search Function on Forums

There's a search field at the bottom of every page on the website.

As for the SMS plugin, it is essentially unchanged from version 2. I plan to replace the mail engine used for it and the Email notifier in a future version, to avoid the issues that some people have with them.