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Example Needed - Changed Text

Maybe I'm dumb, but since upgrading my Simon, previously-configured monitors that were checking the status of a web page by looking at text are no longer working. I'm unable to get a filter configured to accomplish this for me.

We have a special page configured that will change status: Status: "|--OK--|" or "Status: |--FAIL--|"

Are there any examples I could look at?

(Sorry - I don't see a way of searching this forum for similar requests.)


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Re: Example Needed - Changed Text

The question seems to be: HOW did you set up your monitor before Simon 3.x?

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Re: Example Needed - Changed Text

You can add filters to the Filters page in the Edit Test window. These are equivalent to the Smart Change Detection feature in previous versions, except they can do a lot more.

Note that there's a search field at the bottom of every page on this site.