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Feature Request: More Values

I agree, BlogAssist makes it easier/faster for writing blog posts, however, I feel quite limited with the only options for values being value 1 or value 2. What about values 3, 4 and 5 for more complex HTML entries, such as adding height/width and title/alt tags to images (certain browsers don't display one or the other), title and rel tags to links, or adding subjects to email links?


<img src="{value1}" alt="{value2}" title="{value3}" height="{value4}" width="{value5}" />
<a href="{value1}" title="{value2}" rel="{value3}">{value4}</a>
<a href="mailto:{value1}?subject={value2}">{value3}</a>

It's primarily a feature request that would help blog owners automate and simplify valid HTML/XHTML practices, while giving more advanced users some additional pluggable values for their more complex codes; that's all.

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Re: Feature Request: More Values

An interesting request... but how would you envision handling that? Which mode do you use — system menu, services window, or floating window?

Only one value can be used via the system menu, and two via services (from the selected text and from the clipboard). So the floater is about the only mode that could perhaps have more value fields... but I'm not sure how that could be done in the UI without making it overly complex.

I'd be most interested in any ideas you have.