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v3 Upgrade from v2

Just so I'm clear: an upgrade from Simon 2 Enterprise to Simon 3 Platinum is the as the upgrade from Simon 2 Basic?

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Re: v3 Upgrade from v2

Yes, you can upgrade from Simon 2 Basic, Standard or Enterprise to Simon 3 Platinum at the same price.

Or put another way, it doesn't matter which license level you have for version 2, you decide which level you want to have for version 3.

Generally, I find that most people want to maintain their current level, or upgrade it — if they have a version 2 Enterprise license, they want version 3 Platinum, but if they have version 2 Bronze or Standard, most have opted to move up to version 3 Silver or Gold, or sometimes even Platinum. It's a great opportunity to make the leap to the unlimited level, for much less than it'd normally cost.