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Cosmetic glitch in AutoPause dialog

I ran across a cosmetic glitch in the AutoPause dialog (see attached screenshot). To reproduce it, double-click the Hours field so that the hours digits become highlighted, then change them to two other digits, then hit the Tab key. At that point, the hours digits disappear.

It seems that the actual digits are still there, because if you continue to Tab through the fields, the digits do show up when highlighted, but when they're not highlighted, they're invisible.


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Re: Cosmetic glitch in AutoPause dialog

Thanks for reporting that. I can indeed recreate it. That actually makes me happy — those time fields use a third-party control, which I've been thinking about replacing, so this is the perfect excuse. :)

But yes, I'm pretty sure it's just a cosmetic issue — the values are still there, even if not visible.