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Change being triggered at every check?

I have just changed a site over to WordPress, and every time the test on that site comes up, I get a change notification, but from what I can tell of the change difference result, it is only a change in the comments on the site. Which sometimes I might want to be aware if even those change. The change is certainly not one that we can detect a change when we look at the page through a browser.

Also, I have sites that are reporting that they've never been changed, despite the fact that they have been changed extensively. Both of these behaviours are really not what I want in my monitoring software. It would almost be preferable if it didn't claim to monitor for changes.

Also, it *seems* as if the monitoring is triggering Google Analytics code. And this may be a recent change. Or it may be another monitoring package I'm using.

Jigme Datse Rasku

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Re: Change being triggered at every check?

You can use the Filter feature to eliminate unwanted changes — either by using the Block filter to specify start and end text to restrict the output to only the HTML between those two, or a Find filter for more complex manipulation (e.g. a regular expression to remove the offending text from the output).

Tests that don't report changes might be lacking a filter to detect changes.

Simon loads web pages in the same way a browser would, so it would be tracked by analytic tools. You can check a special page if you just want to check the up-state of the web server, and don't want to trigger analytics or usage logging.