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403 can be a valid response


I have a test that checks the response of a website to see whether the webserver on that machine is running...any response is a good response. A few days ago, the owner switched that site to be private and Simon now gets the error code 403 as response. 403 is an error msg from a running webserver and therefore is a valid response for this test but Simon insists in sending out alarms telling everybody that the test was unsuccessful. I tried filters and checking of parameters but no success.

Is there a way to teach Simon that the test really was successful despite the error and if yes, how would I do that? I had to turn this test off completely because of all the false alarms we have gotten. The former sent out an alarm on every test and now we lack the info altogether. Neither is satisfactory.

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Re: 403 can be a valid response

Yes, you should be able to use a filter to change the status as desired.

One option could be to use a Number filter that uses the Service Result Code as the input, and makes it a change if it is a fixed value of 403, then a second filter that overrides a change as unchanged.

So, like this:

(I haven't tested this, but it should work.)