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Additional time on timeout?

Timeouts seem to have 40-45 seconds added to them over the amount of time shown in Preferences. IOW, if I have 2 minutes selected as the timeout, when the timeout actually occurs, the timer starts at 2:40. This isn't the fade-in time (which has already happened), and isn't the fade-out time (which doesn't start until the timer hits 0:00).

What is it, and, more importantly, how do we get rid of it? If I set the timeout for 2 minutes, I want the timeout to be, amazingly enough, 2 minutes. :)


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Re: Additional time on timeout?

You can see how Time Out calculates the break timers via a hidden preference.

Enter the following command in Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities):

defaults write com.dejal.timeout DebugScheduler YES

Then you can see the logging in Console (also in the Utilities folder).

Time Out 2 will use an improved scheduler, which will be more precise and have more options.