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Introducing Simon 5!

Simon version 5 is now available. It is a massive update, introducing a much-requested feature: syncing the Simon data between multiple Macs, plus a Simon Status service, a Link Checker filter, improved Find filter, iMessage and Speak Error notifiers, a new app icon, and much more.

Important: please note that Simon 5 requires a minimum of macOS 10.12 (Sierra), and is a paid upgrade from Simon 4. Purchasers since September 1, 2020 automatically get a version 5 license (that also works in previous versions).

Read the Simon What's New page for details.

What is a black triangle in the Simon monitor window table?

I see this in the documentation:

Status: The next column in the table is the Status column. Lines display an icon indicating whether the test succeeded (e.g. the site was up) or failed (was down) when last checked, indicated by an upwards- or downwards-pointing triangle. The downward triangle is always bright red (). But for successful tests, the color of the triangle indicates additional information. If the triangle is a shade of green (), the site has changed recently - specifically more recently than it had an error. If it is a shade of orange (), the test recently failed, but has since recovered - again specifically more recently than any change. The shade hints at how recent the change or error occurred, with it starting off bright green or orange, and eventually fading to gray as time passes. While a test is being checked, the status displays a spinning progress indicator, or if you don't have an internet connection at the time of the check, it shows a flashing lightning bolt until the connection is restored. This column is included by default

But two of my monitored sites (which are up) are showing a black triangle. What does that mean?

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Re: What is a black triangle in the Simon monitor window table?

The black triangle is what that quoted text refers to as the gray triangle — it's actually a dark gray.

What it means is that the test hasn't had a recent change or recovery — probably never changed or failed. If it changes (assuming you have a suitable filter to detect changes), it'll turn bright green, then slowly (over a few months) fade back to dark gray. And similarly for recoveries, but fading from orange.

If you don't want this time-sensitive color coding information, you can change the option in General Prefs to use simple status icons, which just use green for good (success) and red for bad (failure).