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Option for multiple failures before Notification

Simon currently allows the user to specify multiple failures in the Notification prefs, and that's fine, but I also see a need for it a similar pref in the test itself.

For example, I have a Notifier that emails me when tests fail: it's one Notifier with my normal email address and SMS text email address. But I have one test that I don't want to hear from until it fails a few times in a I have to duplicate the Notifier and change it to not notify until successive failures just for that one test. Then if my email or text sms email changes, I have to change it in multiple Notifiers, as many as I may need to create to get all the number of different successive failures that I might want.

So I also see a need for a similar parameter in the test itself, something like "Don't Trigger Notifications Until ____ Failures/Changes". It would be set to "1" by default, but users could raise that number to let the test fail or change that many times before Notifications would be triggered.


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Re: Option for multiple failures before Notification

Hmm, I can see how that could be useful in some situations, but I think the UI complexity cost would outweigh the benefits. Especially since it isn't too hard to duplicate a notifier and tweak it.

One planned change that will help the situation where you need to subsequently edit two notifiers will be the ability to select them and edit both at once — this will be particularly useful for things like adding the same notifier to lots of tests at once. I'll probably add that sometime next year, once I complete the move to Core Data-based storage.