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Feature Request


How difficult would it be to build a grouping feature into Simon.

IE Pagesentry has an option for me to group each of our offices into 1 group. The advantage of this is that if an office goes down it only sends us 1 email instead of multiple emails notifying is that this office has gone down.

For example @ all our offices we ping the following:

- Router
- Server
- Printer
- Time Capsule.

If a whole office goes down, we get 4 emails letting us know that they have gone down and 4 emails when they come up. Is their a way we can minimise this? Ie 1 email saying Penrith office is down?



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Re: Feature Request

Yes, adding groups that support coalescing notifications is definitely in my plans for a future version. Probably not till about this time next year, though, based on the current schedule.