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Testing Sites without Skewing Stats

I read in the Help manual something about being able to test a site without skewing your statistics, but there wasn't much detail as to how to go about doing it. How can I get an accurate and adequate test of my site and whether it's functional, but not mess too badly with my site's statistics?

What if I have a few sites where there's a login, whether it's on a specific page or a login form on the main page? How can I test that the site works for logging in without messing up the stats?

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Re: Testing Sites without Skewing Stats

The suggestion about avoiding skewing stats was to check a special page — which you could recognize and ignore when looking at stats.

Of course, that would just be useful to check that the site as a whole is still working, not looking at the contents of a specific page. As such, you could probably bypass the login requirement.

Another option is to use a Ping service, to just see if the site is operational.

Or you could change the Method to Head, which just loads the header, not any page content.