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Hi David,

Do you know when the next version of Simon is due out.

Their are some feature requests that will be keen for us to use.

Also, do you plan on doing any improvements to the reporting? I am wondering if its possible to email reports to different people?

Also, have you been able to incorportate group's into the profile of each test?


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Re: Udpate

I've been very busy on Profile, but plan to do a maintenance release of Simon in a week or two, to add Gatekeeper support, and one or two other tweaks.

I do have big plans for future versions, but don't have a schedule for them yet; Profile and Time Out 2 are more urgent. Simon is a mature and feature-rich app, so doesn't need frequent updates, though I do have lots of ideas for enhancements. And it remains my flagship product.

I don't currently have any plans for reporting changes, though certainly am willing to consider suggestions. For emailing reports, you could use email notifiers to send a link to the report when something interesting happens.

Groups is definitely something planned for a future version... but again, I can't say how soon.

Thanks for the feedback, and continued support.