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System Freeze while using Safari?

When I use Safari (6.0.2 on Mountain Lion), my system will suddenly freeze up completely. Keyboard is locked out; only the mouse moves. Have to shut off with power button in back of iMac.

I suspect it might be fighting with Time Out. I had been using Time Out with Firefox with no problems. Then when I recently switched to Safari as my main browser I began having this problem several times each day. I tried running the system without Time Out and I have not had these freeze-ups.

Now I am trying Time Out Free (1.6.5) instead to see if it behaves differently than 1.7.1.

Is this a known problem? (I'm looking forward to v2.0. When Time Out works it's extremely helpful to me.)

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Re: System Freeze while using Safari?

I'm not aware of any conflict with Safari. I can't think how it could do so. Time Out will block mouse clicks, but only during breaks — and you'll see Time Out's break covering the screen then. (It doesn't actually block clicks, it just covers the screen content so any clicks go to Time Out.)

Re: System Freeze while using Safari?

I recently downloaded the older version (1.6.5) and am having the same problem. With Time Out running, my computer (iMac 10.6.8) will often freeze up - I can't click on anything or close any programs without having to shut the whole thing down with the Mac power button. At first, I thought it was because I had several different programs open when it was happening, but that doesn't always cause a problem. I'm now wondering if the computer is locking up when Time Out tries to come on just as I'm trying to open or close a file, or otherwise click on something.

I also like the program, but this is a real pain to have it freezing the computer. It needs to work with Safari. Dejal, please respond and advise.

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Re: System Freeze while using Safari?

That doesn't exactly the same, but certainly similar enough to be concerning.

If this happens again, I suggest you try quitting Time Out: click anywhere to bring Time Out to the front (if it's during a break), or Cmd-Tab to Time Out, then press Cmd-Q to quit.

If that doesn't work, try force quitting: press Cmd-Option-Escape, and choose Time Out in the Force Quit window (you can select it via the arrow keys if you can't click).

If the problem persists after quitting or force quitting Time Out, the issue must be elsewhere. Either way, please follow up here to let us know what happened.