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Introducing Simon 5!

Simon version 5 is now available. It is a massive update, introducing a much-requested feature: syncing the Simon data between multiple Macs, plus a Simon Status service, a Link Checker filter, improved Find filter, iMessage and Speak Error notifiers, a new app icon, and much more.

Important: please note that Simon 5 requires a minimum of macOS 10.12 (Sierra), and is a paid upgrade from Simon 4. Purchasers since September 1, 2020 automatically get a version 5 license (that also works in previous versions).

Read the Simon What's New page for details.

"Follow Redirects" option?

Good old WhistleBlower had a neat option called "Follow Redirects" on the HTTP service, and if this option was checked it would follow all redirects to the final page before stopping and evaluating the results.

I can't find anything like it in I missing something? While I could have one Simon test per redirect to test everything, it would be far simpler and more efficient to have just one HTTP check that has to end up at a certain place (or it fails), so you could test both the redirect(s) and the final page all at once.

Any way to do that?


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Re: "Follow Redirects" option?

Simon automatically follows redirects. No need to configure anything. (Conversely, there's no way to not follow the redirect using the Web (HTTP) plugin. But you could via a script if desired.)

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Re: "Follow Redirects" option?

Maybe it's the kind of redirect that we're talking about....what I meant in this case is the meta refresh tag, used for redirection purposes, not an HTTP 301 or 302 status code response.

I'm using the HTTP plugin to look for Required Text "CCIU Web Help Desk" at That initial page does not have that text, but the page that it meta-refresh-redirects to does (you can look at it yourself, it's a public page). The test fails every time, and when I do a Preview, it only shows me the initial page, not the final page that it should redirect to.

So can Simon respect (perhaps optionally) a meta refresh used for redirection as well as an HTTP 301/302 redirect?


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Re: "Follow Redirects" option?

Ah, I see. Yes, Simon will only load the initial page. A meta refresh is still a valid web page.

Simon doesn't know about meta refreshes. I suppose I could add support for them... but perhaps a better solution would be for you to just monitor the final page.