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monitor forum for new Topics

I would like to monitor a forum for new topics. The web service is working, I just need a filter. What kind of filter could I use? The forum is a simple tabular web based forum, with subject, author, views, replies etc, as the columns, with new topics as rows. There are banners at the top. I guess it would need to look for new subjects or rows?

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Re: monitor forum for new Topics

The Block filter is generally the easiest to use for this kind of thing. I use it myself to get notified of new forum posts on my site.

Find the URL of the the best forum page (e.g.. I use on my site, which lists all content), and look in the Preview in Simon for the HTML near the most recent forum post. It'll depend on the site; you want something that changes when a new post is added, but doesn't change when one isn't. Just choose short chunks of HTML around that text (that doesn't occur earlier in the source) to have Simon look at it.