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Simon 3.4 Download Damaged


When I download Simon 3.4 from the site and try to run the setup I get the following message;

"Simon" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Could you kindly check that the file is not corrupted on the server.

Thank you.

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Re: Simon 3.4 Download Damaged

That is a known issue with Simon 3.4. It dates from before the Gatekeeper (aka Developer ID) feature was introduced in OS X 10.6. You should only use this version on OS X 10.5; if you're on 10.6 or later, use Simon 3.6.1 (or the latest version) instead.

If you do need to run Simon 3.4, you can bypass this error by temporarily changing your Security & Privacy system preferences to allow apps downloaded from Anywhere. Once you launch it once, you can change this preference back to the previous selection.