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Simple HTTP Test

Looking for someone to help me with this....

I have a simple Web HTTP test set to GET a specific url, and for filters have it set to Any Find Required Input: Response Text. I have Find First Occurrence, Text Matching, Contains, and then the text I want Simon to find. No matter what I type in for the text, the test always passes.

I just want to create a test to find the source Company and if it can't, fail the test.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Simple HTTP Test

Firstly, it'd be better to use "Success" instead of "Any", since you don't want the filter used if there's a failure, though it doesn't matter too much in this situation.

I suspect that you must be typing things that occur in the HTML source of the page. Otherwise the filter would fail.

Oh, one more thought — the first check after an edit won't look for changes, to avoid false positives due to edits. So check twice after editing the test to try it "for real".

If you tell me the URL and what text you want, I could provide more guidance.