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Script/Workflow for text box during break?

Hi David,
Just coming back to TimeOut after a long absence. Thank you for this app, and I would GLADLY pay for a version 2.0 if you ever decide to release one.

In the meantime, can you make a suggestion for how to create a workflow which would display a text box on the screen during a break? I tried creating a notification, but it is too small and goes away too quickly. I'd like to display something large and centered on the screen to read.

Thank you,

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Re: Script/Workflow for text box during break?

Hi Matthew,

Version 2 is in alpha testing, by some keen and helpful people who have donated towards the cause. It keeps getting delayed by contract work (I occasionally like to eat), but it's inching slowly closer to being complete.

Version 2 features customizable break themes, so a theme like what you want would be easy (and I hope to include one like that in the initial release). I'm not sure that's feasible in version 1; you could have a script show an alert, or open a text document, but those might get hidden behind the break screen.