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4.5 years - Time Out 2 is dead isn't it?

I checked my email and on 10 January 2011 I donated to Time Out 2.

Greetings. Thank you for the Time Out donation! I appreciate it.

When Time Out 2 is available, you will be automatically eligible for a license at no further cost. You'll simply enter your name and email address in the license window and click Find to look it up.

That is 4.5 years ago.

Please - be honest - will Time Out 2 ever be released?

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Re: 4.5 years - Time Out 2 is dead isn't it?

Time Out 2 isn't dead... but I certainly understand why you might suspect it is.

In fact, it is actively being worked on, periodically, with many people using alpha builds. Since you've donated, you're eligible to help test it, too, if you wish — email me if so. It's currently up to 2.0a11, with most of the new functionality implemented, including customizable break themes, a whole new settings window, the ability to hide it in the Dock, a status menu with a countdown to the next break (and other options), the ability to have any number of breaks, and much more.

I do apologize for it taking so long to get out, though. The problem is that I am one man. I spend a week or two working on it, then have to stop for a month or so to work on contract work, due to this bad habit I have of wanting to eat and pay bills.

But it is slowly creeping closer and closer to public release. I remain excited about it, and want to get it out as soon as I can.