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Adding recipients to email notifier


This simply doesn't work.

I can add an email address, but if I try adding a provider, or editing options for existing provider the app hard crashes EVERY time.

This on a 27 inch iMac (2013) running el Capitan.

The result is that no recipients get added to the message generated in, and so the message does not get sent!

Assume that the 'provider' is to setup an email provider, but notarially clear on its purpose, if if it's even necessary... The fact that NO recipients are added to out going messages at the moment suggests it IS necessary, but would like some clarity



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Re: Adding recipients to email notifier

Hi Rob,

I'm sorry it's misbehaving. But I'm not sure what you're referring to. Simon doesn't use the term "provider". Do you mean adding a new email transport? Where exactly does it crash? Have you submitted a crash report, mentioning what you were doing in the description, so I can find it?