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Twitter account not detected by Simon

I'm hoping David can help me out here. I really need to use Simon's Twitter posting notifier but no matter what I do, the application won't pick up on the fact that I do have a Twitter account in System Preferences. I've messed around with older versions and deleting and re-adding my account from System Preferences, but Simon still gives me the 'Add an account in System Preferences'.

Time is of the essence, if anyone knows how to resolve this please shoot me a quick reply. Thanks.

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Re: Twitter account not detected by Simon

This is a known bug in El Capitan (Apple bug tracker radar #23114308, #22869649, #22869928): discussion).

If you're able to use Yosemite, you should be able to set it up there.

I've tried several times to get Apple to fix this issue, but no luck. It affects all apps that need to access the accounts API. Very annoying.

Re: Twitter account not detected by Simon

Ya it would be nice to have a fix for this