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Possible bug: No "back to work" sound when using new MacBook 12"

When I bought a new MacBook 12", Time Out stopped playing the back to work sound until I actually went up to my computer and pressed a button. Usually it sounds after 8 minutes, but I've been waiting many more minutes than that until pressing a key and hearing the sound. It's probably because my screen goes to sleep after five minutes.Tthat has never been a problem with the old computer, though.

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Re: Possible bug: No "back to work" sound when using new ...

Is just the screen going to sleep, or the entire computer? If the Mac is asleep, Time Out (and all other apps) will be suspended, so can't play a sound.

You could try version 2 to see if that works better, though it won't be able to play a sound when the computer is asleep either.