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Weird smiley face icon

This is probably a matter of opinion, and not a functional issue.

The break icon, the 2 palm trees and hammock, looks like a weird smiley face to me. Not sure if it was intended that way, but I can't see it any other way once I noticed it!
I would be nice to see a relaxing icon as I see it 30 times a day.

Can you add some other icons to choose from in the appearance options?


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Re: Weird smiley face icon

It does look a bit like a smiley face, which is one of the things I liked about the design.

But if you are (or become) a supporter, you can choose a different theme to display instead. I personally like the Text theme, so I can change it to say whatever I like.

(There are also a couple of fun themes on the Time Out Extras page to display videos of my chickens and pond/fish, from my personal YouTube channel, Dejus.)

Re: Weird smiley face icon

I am a supporter, must have looked right through the themes selection.
They are awesome

Thanks :)