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breaks not paused during idle time UPDATED

Subject says it all -- scheduled breaks do not take idle time into account. Makes the whole idea of a timeout fairly pointless.

Log segment attached --- note that I used to two types of breaks and saw the same problem -- removed one to simplify testing.

Also changed screensaver in case that was problem -- no difference.

Mon 21 7:31pm
Another log with all options on:

timeoutlog.txt189.91 KB
All Messages-log.txt28.87 KB
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Re: breaks not paused during idle time

It does seem to be having a break when it's idle. I'm not sure why. It's clearly counting backwards for a while, but then starts anyway, without logging an idle state change.

It could be interesting to turn off the Advanced option to only log interesting scheduler stuff. That'll flood the console log with text, but might provide more of a clue. If you want to try that, you could attach the lines just before a break starts while idle. Note that you can't include attachments to forum comments, so will need to edit your original post (or email to me).