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Disable break by schedule

Can we pause all breaks for certain time of a day/week/date? For example, I have class every Thursday 2:30-4:00. I don't want my computer to freeze while I am taking notes (I cannot skip break because I hide the Skip break button.).


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Re: Disable break by schedule

Kinda, yes. You can specify a time range that the break can occur via the Available pop-up menu on the Break Schedule page. (This is a supporter feature.)

So you could have two identical breaks, one with the Available times set from the start of your day to the start of your class, and a second break with the Available times set from the end of your class to the end of your day (if necessary).

I did think about having more flexible Available options, to enable excluding a time range, but that would make it more complex, so I deferred it for now. I might add that in a future version, if there's demand for it.

Re: Disable break by schedule

Got it. Thanks.