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incorrect auto-reordering with no ability to drag them back into the correct order

I have three different breaks with really different purposes
- normal - every 50 minutes walk away and do something else for 10 min
- pomodoro - every 16 minutes do a 1 minute mental reset, look away, shake wrists, and stretch back
- micro - every 3 minutes do a 1 second focus check (technically 1 minute, cause I can't just have it do a quick flash :-( - while I'd love to see the ability to do second length breaks, that's not what this post is about)

For the pomodoro and micro, I have them set to skip if a higher priority is due within x minutes.

I'm not sure why, but TimeOut keeps reordering these, so that the pomodoro is lower priority than the micro and I can't "Drag the breaks to order in priority", so the pomodoro keeps getting skipped.

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Re: incorrect auto-reordering with no ability to drag them ...

Weird... Time Out shouldn't change the order. Does it occur when you quit & launch the app?

Are you using a High Sierra beta?