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Break cancelled when laptop lid closed


I've been using Time Out for years, and find it a great product, but would appreciate your help with one issue.

On my MAC laptop (using El Capitan), I have configured Time Out so that it occasionally forces me to take a 15 minute break. However, if during one of these breaks, I close the laptop lid for 2 minutes, I observe that when I reopen the lid, Time Out cancels the break and allows me to continue working.

This is incorrect behaviour. Closing the laptop lid should not be acting as a "cancel break" button. As a result of this issue, when I am working, I have to leave the lid open all the time to ensure that Time Out gives me the correct breaks, which is a waste of battery power.

It should be possible for Time Out to know time times at which the laptop lid was closed and opened, and hence determine the length of time the lid was closed for, then to realise that this is much less than my 15 minute configured break, and so continue with the break after I open the lid.

I attach a PDF file containing the Time Out log file during one of these events.


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Re: Break cancelled when laptop lid closed

I agree that it shouldn't cancel an active break if it was still within the break period when closing the lid.

On the Exclusions page of Time Out's preferences, there are checkboxes to skip breaks during the screensaver and sleep. You could try turning those off, to see if that is what is causing it.

Re: Break cancelled when laptop lid closed

Thanks very much for the quick response.

Turning off the checkboxes you mention, (i.e., "skip breaks during screensaver & sleep"), doesn't solve the problem. Nor does replacing my usual "event monitor" break detection by the "event source" option. Nor does adjusting with the "energy saver" options of my laptop, so as to make it use power as greedily as possible.

To simplify the diagnosis, I have just one break type enabled, and have switched off its two checkboxes to "reset the break after ..."

Are you able to reproduce the problem? That may be the simplest way to debug it.


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Re: Break cancelled when laptop lid closed

Thanks for helping to narrowing down the possibilities.

I typically work on an iMac, so haven't experienced this issue, but I do have a laptop elsewhere, so should be able to attempt to reproduce it. In the meantime, I will make a note of the issue, referencing this thread, so I can investigate it when I have a moment.

Thanks again!

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Re: Break cancelled when laptop lid closed

This issue should be fixed in version 2.3b3. Please let me know if it still occurs.