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Impossible break time readings


I encounter some problems while using the software. I am not sure how it happens, sometimes I think it works as expected, but other times I see break timers that seem "impossible".

For example see attached my 3 breaks.

- The 4 hour break seems to be right, I started working about 3 hours ago. So with some small natural breaks, that adds up to be due in about an hour.

- The 2 hour break seems impossible. It is true that I did take that break about 1h hour ago, how can it be that the next break is in 3h then? It should be in about 1 hour again. In any case, whatever I do (except changing "Next due") it should never be able to be more than 2 hours away?

- The 12 hour break seems completely off. It should have been reset (because over night was a natural break longer than 4 hours) this morning. According to this break I should have been using my computer for more than 6 hours today already, which I have not. Also if that would have been the case the 4 hour break should have triggered today at least once, which it hasn't (last one was 23 hours ago as shown).

The currently displayed situation seems impossible using my settings (which I haven't changed in a few days).
Am I misunderstanding some of the settings? Is there a bug?


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Re: Impossible break time readings

Hi David,

I have seen this kind of thing occasionally. Ideally, the time to the next break should never be longer than the frequency of the break, so no more than 125 minutes away for your two hour break example. Even with natural breaks, that should be true. I'm not sure why the due time can get pushed out further, but it's something I plan to investigate and fix for the next release.

If you're curious, you could enable scheduler logging and look at the console to see what it is doing when deferring breaks. But there's no need to do so unless you want, since I should be able to reproduce the problem.

In the meantime, a workaround could be to reset the breaks occasionally; you can assign a global keyboard shortcut to that command if desired.

Re: Impossible break time readings

Hi David

Thanks for looking into this.

I do not know if it is related but there seems to be a problem despite counting over the maximum time.

I did the following test today:

- Opened my laptop at 08:20.
- Made sure all my breaks have reset over night (worked)
- Use till 08:43. All my timers are working correctly.
- Closed my laptop and open again after 1 hour

This is the result:
4h and 2h break have reset (because the idle time was longer than 30 respectively 5 mins configured reset timer)
My 12h break is off. It shows 10h 40 mins left. So basically it did not stop the countdown at all during the break as configured.

See screenshots at https://ibb.co/eiROVw for the readings and the log entries (there was nothing in between these 3 logs).

FYI: I never really shutdown my laptop, but always just close the lid. Maybe it has something to do with this as well (Power Nap?).

I really like the many configuration options the software offers, would be great to have it work reliably.


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Re: Impossible break time readings

Thanks for the info; that may be helpful when I look into this issue.

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Re: Impossible break time readings

This should be fixed for version 2.4.