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Secure HTTPS download link

I would like to download the direct edition (non-AppStore) of the Time Out app in a secure way. I see that the changelog says the updater uses TLS/SSL since v2.0. However, I can't find the link to just download it directly to install on a new computer/installation for the first time. I tried accessing the direct download link on the dejal.com website via httpS instead of just http, but that didn't work. Is this possible? How can I do it? Thank you.

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Re: Secure HTTPS download link

You can access the secure edition of the Dejal site via dejal.net. This goes via a content delivery network, so may be faster too.

At some point I plan to roll TLS out to the regular dejal.com site too... just a matter of finding the time!

(Both sites are exactly the same; just the .com is directly from my server, and the .net goes via a CDN, which provides the TLS layer.)