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require multiple failures for html

I have a test that checks for text on a web page. (A specific two word statement) If the text is missing then it sends a failure email.

I get a lot of false positives which I think is due to the page being unavailable or timing out.

Is there a way to require multiple failures, perhaps setting a number of failures required? Or a way to require a successful page load first?

Maybe I'm making a false assumption.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: require multiple failures for html

There are a few options for you to explore:

  1. The simplest is to change the number of consecutive errors before notifying of a failure; see the Options page of the Notifier editor.
  2. Another option is to chain together Filters in the Test editor, e.g. to treat as unchanged if the text is missing, but not if it is different than expected (the details depending on what you need and what the page outputs).
  3. Most complex, you can write a custom Filter using an AppleScript or shell script to do whatever logic is required.

Re: require multiple failures for html

Thanks David!