Macfilink User Guide

File Menu

This is the File menu. It contains commands to perform actions on the site bookmarks:

New Bookmark: This function adds a new line to the bookmarks table in the Editor window, allowing you to add a new site to cloak.

Delete Bookmark: This function displays a confirmation sheet, then (if confirmed) deletes the selected line from the bookmarks table.

Copy Generated: Copies the generated HTML into the Clipboard, so you can paste it into a HTML editor to make further changes.

Save Generated: This presents a standard save sheet, then saves the generated HTML to disk.

Upload Generated: Displays the Upload to Website sheet, allowing you to transfer the generated HTML directly to your web server.

Back: If you have navigated between a few pages while creating your bookmark, this will take you back to the previous page.

Next: Similarly, this takes you to the next page, after you've gone Back.

Reload: This function re-fetches the current page from the server, and displays the latest edition.

Visit Site in Browser: This command will open your default web browser with the URL of the selected bookmark.

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