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The items in this menu will take you to the relevant pages on the Dejal Systems website. When you choose one of these commands, your default web browser (as specified in your System Preferences) is activated and the web page is loaded. You can simulate each here by clicking the titles below:

Macfilink Site: This command will open your web browser to the main page describing the Macfilink product.

Release Notes: This will take you to the Release Notes for the version of Macfilink that you are currently running, which details what was fixed or added in that version. At the top of that page is an indication whether that version is current or old, so this is useful as an alternative to the Macfilink > Check for Updates feature. (Note, the link here redirects you to the Release Notes for the latest release, since this page has no way of knowing which version you are using. The command in Macfilink will intelligently direct you to the appropriate Release Notes.)

User Guide: This will take you to the Macfilink User Guide. Convenient for quick reference while using the application.

FAQ: Have a question? This is the page to visit first! The Dejal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page answers many common questions about the company, purchasing our products, and product-specific questions.

Forums: Displays the Dejal Forums. This is where you can suggest features, report bugs, or discuss other comments about the Dejal applications.

Dejal Site: This command will direct your browser to the main Dejal page. This page has product announcements, company news, and links to other interesting areas of the Dejal site. Reload the page if necessary to ensure that you see the latest news.

Dejal Blog: Displays the Dejal Blog, where products are announced and discussed, along with general Mac commentary and much more.

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