Dejal announces BlogAssist 2.0

A Mac OS X systemwide menu to format text to help blog entry.

PORTLAND, Oregon -- July 17, 2006 -- Dejal Systems today announced the immediate availability of a major upgrade of BlogAssist for Mac OS X. BlogAssist helps weblog and website editing by making HTML markup easier. It adds a menu to the right-hand side of the menu bar that contains a list of operations that can be performed on text.

There are two handy ways to use it. You can simply select and copy some text into the clipboard, choose a suitable operation from the menu, then paste the result in the desired location. The text will have been transformed like magic. For example, copying hey and choosing Bold will result in <b>hey</b> - the HTML tags for boldface text, wrapped around the original text.

Alternatively, show the floating BlogAssist window (new in version 2) and drag text to one or both of the Values fields, choose an operation from the included pop-up menu, then drag the formatted HTML from the Result field. This window includes a convenient preview of how the HTML will be rendered in a web page.

BlogAssist comes with several useful operations, including web and email links, bold/italics/strikethrough/etc, LiveJournal tags, and more. But you aren't limited to those - you can add, change, or remove them as desired.

Pricing & Availability:

BlogAssist is immediately available through Dejal's online store ( Three license levels are available: "Individual", for a single user, priced at $9.95 (US); "Household", for all people in a household, at $14.95; and "Site", for any number of users in your organization, priced at $79.95. People who donated for previous versions are eligible for a free license.

A fully-featured trial is available as a free download from

BlogAssist requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, and is a Universal Binary.

Dejal Systems, LLC:

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