Simon User Guide


This is a reverse-chronological list of changes to the Simon User Guide, for those who have read previous editions:

Date: Version: Description:
- 2009-01-21 2.5b1 Several changes for the Web service and notifier.
- 2009-01-18 2.5b1 Added the SMS notifier.
- 2008-05-03 2.4 Added the Calendar notifier, the Port notifier, Twitter service and notifier, new variables, and other changes for version 2.4.
- 2007-07-18 2.3 Added the Mount service and notifier, the Script notifier, and new Alter Test options.
- 2006-12-29 2.2 Updated for new Dejal logo.
- 2006-12-06 2.2c5 Renamed the Specific DNS service (was Arbitrary DNS), and added the MySQL notifier.
- 2006-11-30 2.2c4 Updated several pages for the 2.2 release, and added new content for the new Script service plug-in and others.
- 2005-12-15 2.1 Finished updating the Guide for the 2.1 release.
- 2005-12-12 2.1c2 Updated most of the Guide for the 2.1 release. A few pages still need finishing.
- 2005-11-07 2.1b1 Added several draft pages for the new Reports and Monitor Options features.
- 2005-08-22 2.0 Added a Troubleshooting link to the contents, which links to the Support page for Simon.
- 2005-06-24 2.0c5 Major changes to every page for the 2.0 release.
- 2005-04-16 2.0c3 Made the Introduction the first page, and redesigned the Table of Contents.
- 2005-02-02 2.0b4 Upgraded the User Guide to use CSS as part of a major website redesign.
- 2004-05-01 1.3b1 Added the Special Preferences page, changed the General Preferences page, and updated the other preference pages to add a description for the Restore Factory Settings button.
- 2003-08-09 1.2b3 Moved the Add/Alter Test page, and updated it to use sub-pages for the various sections, since it is quite complex; those sub-pages are all new. Updated links elsewhere to refer to these new pages.
- 2003-07-11 1.2b1 Added the Legal section.
- 2003-02-26 1.1 Added the Flag column to the Monitor Tests page; changed the description of the Difference column on the Monitor Changes page; added the Skip checkbox to the Add/Alter Test page; added the new checkbox to the Add / Alter Notifier page; added pages for the new E-mail and Launch notifier plug-ins, and the E-mail Transport Options page; updated the Variables page to mention the E-mail notifier; added new notifiers to the Contents and Add / Alter Notifier pages; several changes to the Dock Icon page; tweaked the Check Now and Pause Test descriptions on the File Menu page; added the Mark as Flagged command on the Edit Menu page; added the Simon Feedback link to the Help Menu page.
- 2002-12-10 1.0 Changed the Installation page to remove the StuffIt archive references; mentioned the Licenses window on the Simon Menu page; added pages for the new Action and Speech notifier plug-ins; added a page for the Notifier Variables reference; added new notifiers to the Contents and Add / Alter Notifier pages.
- 2002-10-30 1.0b3 Updated all pages for this release, and to complete the reorganization.
- 2002-10-25 1.0b3 Split up the guide into separate pages, instead of one long page, so it loads much faster and is easier to navigate.
- 2002-10-02 1.0b2 Updated all of the outdated screenshots, and made extensive changes throughout to reflect the changes in this release.
- 2002-09-03 1.0b1 Completed the user guide.
- 2002-08-30 1.0b1 Initial incomplete edition of the user guide.

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