Simon User Guide

New / Edit Report > Report Kind > Save Locally Plug-in

This is the Save Locally plug-in. This is displayed when you choose Save Locally in the Report Kind pop-up menu in the New / Edit Report window.

This plug-in saves the report to a folder on your computer. It is useful if you want to use Personal Web Sharing to host reports on your computer, if you want to upload the reports manually yourself (e.g. for occasional use), or if you are using a non-HTML template like the tab-delimited text one.

Save as: Enter the name to use for the output report. A folder with this name will be created if necessary.

Where: Select a standard location on your computer, or Other... to choose a custom location.

Path: The output path is displayed here. You don't need to enter anything here, but you can edit the path if you want to use extra sub-folders, or as an alternative to navigating to the folder.

Access via: This is a URL to the report. You can click this to view the report in your web browser.

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