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Reports Window

This is the Reports window. It lists all of the available reports. You can add, change, remove, view, or pause reports from this window.

Kind: This column lists which report plug-in is used by this report. The reports use plug-ins to output the report, e.g. to your local Web Sharing folder or a remote server.

Frequency: Reports are output at a regular interval. This column indicates how often they are output.

Last Report: This column shows the date and time that each report was previously output.

Next Report: This column shows when each report is next scheduled to be output. It will be output at the indicated time, unless it is being edited or is paused at the time.

Status: This indicates whether this report is currently available or paused. It also indicates when the report is being generated, and the progress if it takes a while to output.

Name: This column shows the name you gave for each report.

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