Time Out User Guide


This is a reverse-chronological list of changes to the Time Out User Guide, for those who have read previous editions:

Date: Version: Description:
- 2007-07-21 1.5b1 Updated graphics for the new icon, text for the revised name, and the new options on the Appearance page.
- 2006-02-13 1.4b2 Added pages for the new tabs within the Normal and Micro preference pages.
- 2006-01-30 1.4b1 Added Run preferences, updated Notify preferences, and minor updates to several pages.
- 2005-08-22 1.3 Added a Troubleshooting link to the contents, which links to the Support page for Time Out
- 2005-06-11 1.3b3 Updated all of the Preferences pages, and made the Introduction the first page, and redesigned the Table of Contents.
- 2005-03-28 1.2 Updated the Normal and Micro preferences pages to include the new fields next to the sliders.
- 2005-02-04 1.1 Upgraded the User Guide to use CSS as part of a major website redesign.
- 2004-11-06 1.1 Updated the user guide for the 1.1 release, including the Preferences pages.
- 2003-08-18 1.0 Finished off the user guide for the 1.0 release.
- 2003-07-09 1.0b1 Initial very incomplete edition of the user guide.

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