where exactly is Caboodle data saved?

Hi, I'm trying to backup my laptop and am having the hardest time finding the actual Caboodle database. Under advanced it says that it should be at ~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Caboodle but I am not finding this folder anywhere. Also I cannot change this location; the line is uneditable. Can someone tell me exactly what file(s) I should be saving so that when i reinstall Caboodle I'll have my full database back?


Is there a way to sort topics?

In Caboodle, is there a way to sort topics and sub-topics alphabetically?

Is there a way to save multiple Caboodle files?

Is there a way to have several separate Caboodle database files. I have several projects that Caboodle would be perfect for, but I would want them in separate databases.

Test button

It would be really nice to have some way to
A) press a button to see what it looks like when the "take a break" comes on and
B) see for sure what the settings are and know how much time is left, somehow.

Thanks. THis looks like it'll be incredibly helpful for those of us who get sucked into the internet.

Time Out 1.4.1 icon

A customer wrote via email:

I just downloaded and installed your product "Time Out". I like it very much, but in stead of the expected very beautiful icon with the green clock (as showed on the download page) I now see an ugly picture of two hands as icon for the installed application, and during timeout periods on the timeout screen.

Please can you offer us a version with the green clock as icon in stead of the two hands.

My response:

Time Out 1.4.1 does have a rather ugly icon (a badly Photoshopped edition of my hands, in case you wondered). Which is why I had a new icon professionally designed by Emily Pfeifer for the upcoming Time Out 2 release.

The Time Out website shows this new icon as a sneak peek of Time Out 2. Read the Dejal Blog over the coming weeks for more information about it. You should be able to download a beta release by the end of the month.

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