Lost Data!!

I recently had problems with my MacBook and had to reinstall OSX10.5 from scratch -- (turned out to be a bad stick of RAM). Naturally I backed up all of my files to an external hard drive, but in the switch I lost all of my Caboodle data! I had some very valuable information on there, and now I can't access it. I already looked in the Applications Support Folder, but Caboodle won't recognize the two files that are in there. Is there anything I can do at this point?
Please help me get my info back.

Disable Automatic Lists?

Is it possible to disable the lists which are automatically generated when Caboodle detects a list? The results are often pretty ridiculous, and I am constantly hitting undo, then using the arrow keys to move to the bottom of the list to make a new entry, which seems to prevent the auto-detection.


Occassionally Glitchy Search

I'm not exactly sure if the Glitchy behavior started after a Caboodle Update, or after I passed a certain number of items. I currently have 288 items in Caboodle. Lately, when I do a search it will frequently not return Items that I know match the search phrase.

I exit Caboodle, restart it, do the search again, and the expected items are this time returned as results.

Awhile later, after many more searches, I'll notice I'm not getting all of the results again, so I exit Caboodle, restart it, and all is well again.

If there is a maintenance process anyone can recommend, or any other suggestions for restoring the reliable search, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

Help to Restrict Search to Subject and Keyword

First, off I'd like to say "Thanks" for Caboodle. It helps me tremendously in my job. It's a great little product.

I currently have 288 items, and use the Search frequently to locate the exact item I need. Currently, the Search returns all items containing the phrase I enter - whether it's in the Subject, Keywords or Body. It would be great for me if there was a way to restrict it so it only looked in the Subject and Keywords (reduces the number of returns). I tried using all caps in the Keywords, and then typing my phrase in all caps, but the Search is case-insensitive.

If anyone has any suggestions for how I can restrict the Caboodle Search to only return entries whose Subject or Keywords match my search phrase, I'd appreciate it.


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