Icon / Image Well

How can I find the icon / image well. I have read about it, but do not see it?

Toolbar: bold & italic buttons do not toggle font style

When clicking on the bold or italic button in the toolbar and the selected text is already bold or italic, the text style does not remove the bold or italic attribute. These buttons simply turn inactive after setting the font style to a selected text. They do not behave like the bold/italic toolbar buttons of other mac apps.

When pressing the keyboard shortcuts for bold or italic (or choosing them from the Caboodle fonts menu), the font style toggles the proper way. Please update the bold/italic buttons so that they behave like the font menu items.


Icons not so good...

I think that the icons would be just a little bit bigger... The ability to choose the background color of the sidebar would be appreciated too.

Anyway, good application.

Web page clippings from Firefox

When trying to clip an area of a web page in Firefox, the two items in the Services menu Cabooble submenu are grayed out and there is no contextual menu option. Copying and pasting or dragging into Cabooble will copy the text but not the links. The Services menu works fine with Safari, but there still isn't a contexual menu item.

Yesterday's entries have disappeared

Just bought this from the MacUpdate promotion on 5/20/09 and loaded the registration info. Added a few new entries and edited some of the exiting ones.

This morning I used the Services menu to create a new Caboodle entry from an Apple Mail message and now that mail message is the only entry in Caboodle. Even the Welcome, Recipes, Gifts, S/Ns, etc. examples are missing.

No, I'm not talking about the Entries List being toggled on/off - the only entry in the entries list is the mail message.

PDF | Rich Text side by side

I've been a Caboodle owner for less than an hour and I think I'm in love ... but I'm trying not to get swept off my feet just yet. :-)

I've been looking for a way to manage a large number of PDFs. There are lots of utilities to do that and I've probably tried most. Caboodle's embedding of PDFs in the flow of rich text is wonderful because it lets me annotate without changing the PDF itself. I also found that if I drag several page thumbnails from the Preview sidebar into Caboodle, I can place the annotations in between the images. This is almost exactly what I want.

My ideal would be to have each page of the PDF scrolling as in Preview, with a rich text space NEXT to it to annotate side by side with each page. (And then, of course, I will want to be able to output this way :-) .

Caboodle is wonderful because it is dead simple. Very short learning curve. I never would have guessed an app that tracks recipes would help me keep track of research documents.

So right now that's my one suggestion, and from what I've seen the developer likes suggestions, so maybe he'll like mine.

Now off to see how much Caboodle likes importing 1000+ PDFs.

Thanks for a great product, and a great value.

Export as PDF - whole document?

I suspect that the functionality is there - but being a numpty cannot work out how to export the whole Caboodle sibling as a pdf file. I assumed that I would click on the sibling and then export. This just produces a one page document and not the whole thing. Did not see anything in the manual that helps - sorry if I missed something.


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